Not Able to 10 Thousand Steps Per Day

Target 10 thousand steps a day is still widely embraced as the benchmark healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, most people are too busy to oblige. How dong let me stay healthy? For more care of Your Health You can wear Kalung Kesehatan

A study at Oregon State University stated that the number of footsteps did not have to be an absolute benchmark. A person can still live a healthy life even if not able to meet the target of 10 thousand steps a day.

Sure there are a prerequisite. If only someone could reach 3,000 steps a day, so he could still healthy by accelerating cadence or rhythm of his feet. Likewise, the habit of sitting, should be reduced as well as for disease risk factors such as cholesterol can be minimal.

“When it comes footsteps, many means better than a little, and walked with a higher rhythm at a certain time is an advantage,” said John Schuna Jr. who conducted this study, quoted by the ScienceDaily, Monday (10/17/2016).

While that is recommended for healthy adults is 11 steps or more per minute, with a total of 150 minutes per week. The benchmark 100 steps per minute or faster, categorized as moderate-intensity physical activity.

In that study, recorded the most rapid rhythm of the participants achieved only 96 steps per minute. Some participants with rhythm or cadence between 70-80 steps per minute can maintain good grades on some health indicators.

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