Fashion Trends You Must Have Current Based on Celebrity Style

The transition from winter to the spring, it means that the game can be more fun to dress with floral colors and ornamentation. To stay looking stylish in the next season, there are some keys that can be applied to a solid match, this time the lesson comes from a celebrity. Like what?

1. Dress White

The warmth of spring is often depicted with a warm white color palette. Such as Jessica Alba, appeared in a dress made of lace that is timeless and feminine. But if you like this dress too feminine for your taste, add a biker jacket and metallic pump to make it look more edgy. This view can you bring to the event during the day, even a casual cocktail party.

2. Denim Skirt

A-line denim skirts restore nostalgic ’90s. But when combined with a white shirt and coat, with a heartbeat is changed more modern look.

3. Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top

In fact crop top still has many fans, including Kendall Jenner. But this time to see more varied crop top with a piece of off-the-shoulder that seem more feminine. Garnish with a neck choker to restore retro era back to your appearance.

4. Sheer Jacket

Everything with sheer or dreamy material is something interesting today. If this trend in Indonesia naked dreamy dress or dresses ala Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are too vulgar, first try a sheer jacket ala Cara Delevingne, who gave huge and dramatic effect on appearance that is simple.

5. Bucket Bag

In form and function as a bag that can hold a lot of content, characteristic bucket bag with shaved the top of this strap could be your friend throughout the spring. The form is versatile carrying this bag can be worn denngan jeans and a T-shirt or on a dress and shoes pump.

And for flip flop, You can choose Sandal Havaianas.

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