New Galaxur Health Necklace


Galaxur necklace is a health necklace made in Korea with high technology machine. This health necklace was created initially as a therapeutic tool to boost the body’s resistance to cancer cell attacks.

With 36 kinds of energy rocks and NANO process using high technology make GALAXUR PENDANT as the best health necklace ever.

Deep research of the role of energy on health. As well as the role of Bio Energy is 100% absorbed by the human body, making the necklace of the Galaxur is different from other health necklaces. For mor information, You can check at Kalung Kesehatan.

Eating Tomatoes Proven Reduce Skin Cancer Risk

Daily consumption of tomatoes has been shown to reduce the risk of skin cancer. An experiment on mice shows, cancer risk is reduced by 50 percent thanks to tomato intake.

In a study published in Scientific Reports, scientists gave tomato powder to a group of male rats. The mice were then exposed to ultraviolet light. To increase your healthy you can try wearing gelang kesehatan.

In 35 weeks, observed a decrease in skin cancer by 50 percent compared to groups of mice that did not get tomatoes.

According to scientists, the secret lies in carotenoids, the pigment that gives color to the tomatoes. The pigment protects the skin from exposure to ultraviolet light, one of the leading causes of skin cancer.

But the role of other content in tomatoes is also believed to play a role. Proven in previous studies, scientists found differences when carotenoids were given in the form of whole tomatoes compared with synthesized supplements.

“Tomatoes appear to be more effective in preventing redness due to ultraviolet exposure, which means other contents may also play a role,” said the researcher, Tatiana Oberyszyn as quoted by ScienceDaily.

Wear Formulas It To Listen to Music Through Earphones Not Make Deaf

Listening to music through earphones okay. However, note the volume so as not to damage the ear and cause hearing loss and deafness.

It said Dr. Damayanti Soetjipto, SpTHT-KL, Chairman of the National Commission  Prevention Hearing Loss and Deafness (PGPKT), listening to music through earphones has become one of the habits of teenagers and young adults today. In order to remain healthy ear, use the formula of 60 per 60.

“So the maximum volume of 60 to the left and right. Select also has a noise-canceling earphones and remember, the maximum limit listening to music through earphones that one hour per day,” said Dr. Dama told reporters recently.
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Also avoid using earphones to listen to music before going to bed. Doing this can damage the delicate hair cells in the ear that serves to deliver sound to the auditory nerve and the brain.

“If sleep the rest of the brain, but the eardrum and hair cells exposed to continuous loud noise from the earphones. Over time later her hair cells can fall out and eventually experience hearing loss,” he said again.

According to WHO data when analyzing the music listening habits of people aged 12-35 years, almost 50 percent listen to music with the volume that exceeds the normal threshold. As many as 40 percent of people exposed to sound even with the volume of potentially damaging your ears, especially in places of entertainment.

Quoted from Fox News, Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri from the University of Michigan School of Medicine Alumni Association recommends that teens who listen to music do not exceed the sound of 80 decibels per day. If it’s high decibel, rest your ears beforehand.

“Then use the 60/60 principle is to listen to music with a maximum volume of 60 percent and each listen to music for 60 minutes take a break for a few minutes,” he said.

Not Able to 10 Thousand Steps Per Day

Target 10 thousand steps a day is still widely embraced as the benchmark healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, most people are too busy to oblige. How dong let me stay healthy? For more care of Your Health You can wear Kalung Kesehatan

A study at Oregon State University stated that the number of footsteps did not have to be an absolute benchmark. A person can still live a healthy life even if not able to meet the target of 10 thousand steps a day.

Sure there are a prerequisite. If only someone could reach 3,000 steps a day, so he could still healthy by accelerating cadence or rhythm of his feet. Likewise, the habit of sitting, should be reduced as well as for disease risk factors such as cholesterol can be minimal.

“When it comes footsteps, many means better than a little, and walked with a higher rhythm at a certain time is an advantage,” said John Schuna Jr. who conducted this study, quoted by the ScienceDaily, Monday (10/17/2016).

While that is recommended for healthy adults is 11 steps or more per minute, with a total of 150 minutes per week. The benchmark 100 steps per minute or faster, categorized as moderate-intensity physical activity.

In that study, recorded the most rapid rhythm of the participants achieved only 96 steps per minute. Some participants with rhythm or cadence between 70-80 steps per minute can maintain good grades on some health indicators.

Sports Weight Only on Weekends could endanger Heart

Weekend for the workers used to perform a difficult activity to do on weekdays. Exercising is one of them.

Dr. BRM Ario Soeryo Kuncoro, SpJP (K), FIHA of Cardiovascular Specialist Doctors Association of Indonesia (Perki), says it is actually legitimate. Of note, the intensity of exercise performed was not too heavy that will actually hurt yourself.

“We know there are a weekend warrior, so that the sport just on weekends but with severe intensity. Now that so if not carefully monitored can be harmful to the heart, and even cause sudden death,” said Dr. Ario, in a media briefing World Heart Day in Wisma Harapan Kita Bidakara Jl Lt. Gen. S. Parman, West Jakarta, Wednesday (28/09/2016).

Explained Dr. Ario, the intensity of heavy exercise on weekends may memforsir sudden cardiac work. As a result, the heart vulnerable to cellular damage that leads to heart pump electrical interference.

The heart pumps electrical interference can cause sudden death from heart pumping process is unstable and inefficient. Dr said Ario real world example, occurs in people of non-athletes who died suddenly while playing football or futsal.

“Actually, the same risk in athletes, do we see in the news athlete who died in the field. It’s just that the risk is smaller for athlete’s heart has been trained to strenuous activity,” he said.

The man who was also a faculty member in the Division of Cardiology, University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Medicine, called the thickening of the heart muscle that experienced by athletes is different from ordinary people. Athlete’s heart muscle instead be thick to support its performance in doing strenuous exercise.

Then, how the solution for workers who exercise hard day at work? It said Dr. Ario, exercise is beneficial for the heart is not hard to do. If you want to exercise, simply by running or jogging for 30 minutes per day, or 150 minutes per week.

“If it was not run, could by walking fast, swimming or cycling. It also includes the type of cardio exercise,” he concluded.